Completeness check of the application before submission of the Joint Defence Call


The Directorate of Defence of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Ministry of the Economy, the National Research Fund and Luxinnovation have joined forces to offer a new funding opportunity to companies and research organisations looking to develop dual-use defence technologies (products, services and systems). The 2022 Joint defence call edition will focus on Space and Materials. Have a look at the call text.

When? 26 July 2022, from 11:00 to 12:00

This webinar will cover the necessary information and documents needed for the submission for the first phase of the call on 29 July 2022. Followed by a Q&A session.


  • Maximilian Przybyl, Advisor Corporate R&D and Innovation Support, Luxinnovation
  • Alexander Link, National Coordinator for Defence & International R&D Collaboration, Luxinnovation
  • Richard Nakath, Programme Manager, National Research Fund (FNR)
  • Julien Silverio, Defence Capability and R&T Development Manager, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Webinar presentation