This sections provides practical information for cooperation between company and research organisations.


Background on joint research opportunities

For those who are not used to company-research cooperation, please find more introductory information.

Discover how to cooperate with public research institutes.

Discover possible funding opportunities.

The four use cases below outline what companies could expect from a research organisation.

Case 1

A company has heard about the competences of a research institute and would like to know what opportunities are available, without having a defined objective at this stage.

Case 2

A company is losing market share to a competitor who has introduced a more performant solution. A quick upgrade of their current solution is needed.

Case 3

A company is interested in new trends and is aware that the research institute has knowledge in these fields. It would like to anticipate the market evolution and envisage a next generation product or solution.

Case 4

A company is facing some product quality issues and is looking for expert advice to better understand the origin of these problems.


3 tools are proposed to initiate discussions:

Fill in this template before reaching out to the technology transfer office of a research organisation

This document can serve as a guideline when defining a joint research project

The collaborative R&D canvas is an alternative approach to define What, Who and How